Mastery in the art of chocolate decoration
Mastery in the art of chocolate decoration

Barbara Decor chocolate decorations line

Barbara Decor is a core brand of Barbara Luijckx – a true heart of this family-owned company. We are very proud to be able to dedicate it to our fellow experts and practitioners of the art of decorative confectionery. Our aim is to promote the latest confectionery trends while drawing on the rich traditions of craftsmanship. By harmoniously blending these two elements, we strive to provide industry professionals with innovative chocolate decorations and unique designs. To ensure the production of an assortment of consistent and reliable parameters, we use the highest quality chocolate in the manufacturing process. We want to share our experience gained over three decades to support our recipients in achieving their own successes. We firmly believe that Barbara Decor's offer reliably meets the demand for effective and practical solutions in the art of fine decorative confectionery.

The Barbara Decor assortment of chocolate decorations is divided into 19 distinct thematic categories.

  • Filigranes® - Delicate openwork designs in the finest quality chocolate, ideal for decorating cakes and desserts, adding elegance to any sweet treat.

  • Art Grilage - A collection of modern, three-dimensional dessert or white chocolate decorations.

  • Marble Art - Decorations using a combination of white and dessert chocolate to create a unique marbled effect on the chocolate sheet.

  • Multicolor - Multi-coloured chocolate decorations that are the perfect way to add a touch of colour to any dessert.

  • Top Art - Chocolate decorations in a variety of shapes and colours.

  • Art Print - Chocolate decorations in a variety of shapes and printed designs for decorating cakes and desserts for all occasions.

  • Pencils - Pencil-shaped chocolate decorations in various colours that blend perfectly with other decorations.

  • Shavings - Natural looking chocolate fragments imitating tree bark, perfect for themed decorations and rustic baked goods.

  • Blossoms - An extensive range of chocolate blossoms and curls for texture and flavour in cakes and desserts.

  • Shells - Ideal for creating elegant desserts quickly, these ready-made chocolate bases can be topped with cream, fruit or other decorations.

  • Rolls - Chocolate decorations in roll/stick form, available in a variety of sizes and colours, ideal for creating interesting visual effects on the surface of cakes and pastries.

  • Balls - Small, round chocolate balls that are perfect for all kinds of desserts.

  • Handmade - Handmade chocolate decorations that showcase the mastery of a confectioner. Each product is unique and made with the utmost attention to detail.

  • Logo - Possibility to create personalised chocolate decorations with individual logo design, ideal for companies and events.

  • Love collection - A collection of chocolate decorations ideal for Valentine's Day or other occasions when you want to express your love through sweets. Includes hearts, rose petals and other love motifs.

  • Easter - Chocolate themed decorations for Easter, including bunnies, eggs and other spring themes.

  • Halloween - Chocolate decorations ideal for Halloween, such as pumpkin, spider and ghost chocolates.

  • Christmas - Christmas chocolate decorations including Santas, Christmas trees and stars to enhance any Christmas baking.

  • Pearls - Colourful sugar pearls are the perfect complement to chocolate decorations, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance to desserts.

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Barbara Decor Catalogue No. 6

Introduces an original layout and over 50 designs of new chocolate decorations, divided into 19 thematic groups. The goal of each new Barbara Decor catalogue is to provide inspiration that will support you - dear confectionery enthusiasts - in your daily work and in achieving spectacular results in the confectionery art.

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