Chocolate is in the air!

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

The INSPIRATION Academy of Skills is bustling with life and inspired work. In recent months, our Pastry Chefs – Ana Florencia Davila and Michał Świerad – have had their hands full with chocolate. Following the hardships of the pandemic and isolation, we were all yearning for normality. Our Academy of Skills missed you so much, […]

Find harmony with our chocolate decorations

Published by: jkozuchowska in Inne,New Products

If there is a single geometrical shape that reflects peace and harmony, it must be the circle.  Now you can use this simple figure with universal meaning to decorate your cakes, desserts or mono-portions. Choose our white chocolate circles  or the dark chocolate version to create the most beautiful confectionery art!  Get inspired by visiting […]

Reach for them if you love confectionery

Published by: jkozuchowska in Inne,New Products

The stunning  Love Collection is our way to express continuing love and passion for chocolate; it is also a collection of sweet decorations that are perfect where cakes and desserts are made with heart and soul put into them.  Conventional hearts or chocolate rose petals are an obvious choice for sweet Valentine’s or wedding goodies, […]

Add a dash of panache to your cakes and desserts!

Published by: jkozuchowska in Inne,New Products

Decorative buttons have been long used to embellish garments, accessories, toys and handmade products. Why not use them to decorate cakes and desserts? Of course the buttons we use come from our Top Art collection and they are edible, sweet decoration made of top grade chocolate. We are aware that such an unusual form of […]

Discover the beauty of basic shapes

Published by: jkozuchowska in Inne,New Products

Our Top Art collection comprises the most original decorations for cakes and desserts, including two evergreen figures: circles and squares. Decorations for baking in the shape of geometrical figures will make your desserts look modern and classy. All you need is a few moments to conjure up something exceptional. Look how easy it is:  Choosing […]

Sweet Springtime Inspirations

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Look out of your windows – spring is in the air! Are you ready for some changes? The nature’s awakening and blessing us with good energy, inspiring to come up with new recipes for cakes and desserts. For even a seemingly perfect proposition needs a little touch up or revival every now and then. After […]

Easter Goodies

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Springtime and Easter is the time of colours, hope and lovely baked goods. Our Pastry Chefs – Ana Florencia Davila and Michał Świerad – always do their best to create unique recipes for your Easter. They try to find new combinations of flavours, explore the forms and try out different textures. So, if you are […]

Time to Come Out – at the Trade Fair

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Last year the global pandemic situation caused trade events to be suspended or cancelled. That did not made us lose the spirit and we rolled up our sleeves and got down to work instead. We launched a new brand Barbara Luijckx For Industry with the whole new range of bakestable chocolate products as drops (two […]

Charming mono-portions with chocolate rolls

Published by: Barbara Luijckx in Inne

We love chocolate for its great taste, but also for its plasticity. Depending on your needs it can be made as solid as a sculpture or as fragile as a feather or a petal. Chocolate decorations are perfect for embellishing both layer cakes and cute mono-portions.  Let us show you a suggestion of such creation […]

Original chocolate decorations to win your customers’ hearts. Discover the SAVANNA collection

Published by: Barbara Luijckx in Inne

Are you looking for a way to distinguish your confectionery products and draw customer attention?  We have something for you: chocolate decorations form the Savanna TRIO line.  It takes just a single rectangular piece with a striking pattern to give your arrangement a distinctive style.  Have a look at the video below and see how […]