Our take on cake – summer with Barbara Decor

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Lots of us decided to take holidays in their home country because of the pandemic. There are many beautiful places to discover in our home countries. And the confectionery business is back on its feet. Cafes, restaurants, cake shops and ice-cream parlours are opening everywhere and inviting you to try their innovative sweet ideas. We […]

Ice creams and summer desserts are back in season!

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Ice creams and summer desserts are back in season! In today’s blog entry you’ll find summer dessert recipes. The long-awaited summer and holidays are round the corner. Everybody’s looking forward to sunshine and relaxation. What desserts are hot this season? What flavours are now in? Find out about perfect summer dessert recipes below! Let’s start […]

Exquisite Celebrations

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

May is one of the most beautiful months of the year. Spring is in the air and all around us. Everything’s coming back to life: trees and flowers are blooming, butterflies are hovering over meadows and you can even come across a May bug! No wonder it’s a month that abounds in family celebrations. First […]

Chocolate Easter -Traditional baking in a new incarnation

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Easter marks the end of the forty-day Lent. As a prize for the fasting and sacrifices, there is a multitude of  cakes, pastries and other sweets: traditional Easter bread – babkas and babas, a variety of cheesecakes, paschas, crusty mazureks, fruit cakes, tree cakes, tortes and many more. Cakes coated with chocolate and decorated with […]

Valentine Choco Craze

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

There’s a good reason to the saying that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But will a dessert be enough to make them fall in love? Well, it won’t do any harm for sure. And it’s got to be with chocolate – a famous aphrodisiac known for centuries. Chocolate contains large quantities […]

Choco Christmas with Barbara Luijckx. Perfect products and recipes for the Festive Season!

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Events,Recipes

As every year, Barbara Luijckx has got exceptional solutions for you:   A Barbara Decor collection of chocolate Christmas decorations A comprehensive range of top quality Barima Artisanal materials, and Exquisite recipes for Christmas Christmas is coming. Confectionery shops and bakeries are buzzing, artisans are making seasonal bakes and pastries: cheesecakes, bouches , poppy-seed cakes, […]