New, innovative Art Grillage designs!

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

After a long time of our R&D Team’s hard work and months of tests and assessments, we are proud to present you our latest innovations in the world of chocolate decoration. Novel, three-dimensional decorations in our Art Grillage line are made of two types of chocolate – white and dark, which produces a stunning effect of interweaving colours.


Take the unique Grillage Sheet Duo, for example. It is a combination of classic weaves and shades of white and dark chocolate. You can break the sheets into any size and shape to add your individual creative touch to decorating layered cakes, desserts or mono-portions. The Grillage Sheet, previously offered only in a dark chocolate, is now also available in white. By adding this variety to the line we were thinking of wedding receptions, baptism and First Communion receptions, as well as other celebrations.


The Duo versions of our chocolate Bracelets, Tubes and Springs give an amazing 3D collage effect. Use them to decorate your dessert or serve it in the Bracelet and you will make it absolutely novel and original.


Our products give you an unlimited freedom of application and lots of fun playing with three-dimensional decorations, now going beyond form and shape.


All Barbara Decor decorations are made with utmost care using top quality chocolate and keeping up with current trends in the confectionery industry.



Best wishes


The Barbara Luijckx Team

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