The Season for New Decorations is open!

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in New Products

In September we had the pleasure to present you the Barbara Decor Catalogue No. 5, the results of several months’ work of our team. You will find there chocolate decorations organized into 12 thematic product lines, including almost 30 new and unique designs.

The Art Grillage family – providing unlimited possibilities of decorative spatial arrangement and enabling you to create desserts in filigree bracelets – has been expanded to include globally innovative two-color interweaving patterns made of highest quality white and dark chocolate: Grillage Sheet Duo, Mini Spring Duo, Mini Tube Duo and Bracelets Duo.

The combination of white, milk and dark chocolate in stylish and original proportions has initiated a totally new line of chocolate decorations – Marble Art. It offers the purity of simple, geometrical forms: triangles, squares, diamonds and sheets, giving you the possibility of creating modern desserts, cakes and mono-portions.

The Top Art product line is inspired by nature. This collection offers new designs, such as white and dark chocolate leaves, dark chocolate twirl and three-color curls and marble fans. The products are definitely dedicated to people who put minimalism in decoration first and focus on subtle expression. Our new mini flowers Classic and Color as well bigger 3-dimensional flowers in beautiful autumnal colors will add originality to your desserts.

The Art Print line now includes trendy and universal hashtags inspired by social media, as well as new emoticon designs – Crazy in Love. This product line is for those who follow the latest fashions and wish to carry them over into their sweet shops.

Chocolate balls are a longtime favorite thanks to their shape, finish, colors and simplicity. It can take just one to do the job of a beautiful arrangement. We have added two new color variations – Silver Pearl and Gold Pearl – for discreet glitter and noble expression.

Finally, we have introduced new designs to make the Christmas decoration range even more attractive. In this Collection you will find new Christmas trees and the Santa to invoke the sweet magic of Christmas in your workrooms.

We have made a lot of effort to meet your requirements and come up with decorations that will suit the lovers of classic and smart designs and also cater for the needs of visionaries and creators of trendy forms, and those who value minimalism and simplicity most.


Barbara Luijckx Team

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