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Confectionery training – Improve your competence with the Inspiration Academy of Skills

What is the Academy of Skills “Inspiration”? It is space where design meets professionalism and where, under keen eyes of our experienced pastry chefs – Michał Świerad and Michał Turzyński, we support the development of your confectionery craftsmanship.

Over the past years, the place has been bustling with life: countless courses and trainings were held on a daily basis. Hundreds of visitors came from all over the world. We have trained confectioners, pastry cooks, chefs, enthusiasts and distributors’ sales staff in groups and one-to-one sessions, always pursuing to satisfy your needs. The Academy has been created for you.

Rapid and demanding events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, experienced by all of us this year, make us seek new, alternative training solutions, because the conventional approach is obviously no longer possible.

That is why we are responding to your expectations and offer online training. How does it work in the pandemic? A bit differently than usual. We see each other on screen, using web-based platforms, but it is still the same instructors, surprising recipes, beautiful chocolate decorations and a huge dose of knowledge.

So far, we have held online training sessions for our Customers in a few European countries. We have trained more than 300 people with a very positive feedback.

What can you take home from an online meeting? We focus on innovative flavour combinations in our recipes. We surprise you with the form and shape. We introduce you to the art of beautiful chocolate decoration. We create trends. The products we use are top quality. What skills can prove especially useful in this time? We want to answer this question together. Meet colleagues of the trade, exchange experiences and talk.

Still not quite sure if it is worth doing? See our training videos on YouTube where we show you how to make and decorate desserts, step by step:
If you are interested in an online tailored – designed for your business needs please contact us via e-mail and we will come back to you with the proposal of the training, which is perfect for you. Design your custom learning experience with us!
We hope to see you face-to-face soon. Take care of yourselves!


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