Choco Christmas with Barbara Luijckx. Perfect products and recipes for the Festive Season!

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As every year, Barbara Luijckx has got exceptional solutions for you:


  • A Barbara Decor collection of chocolate Christmas decorations
  • A comprehensive range of top quality Barima Artisanal materials, and
  • Exquisite recipes for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Confectionery shops and bakeries are buzzing, artisans are making seasonal bakes and pastries: cheesecakes, bouches , poppy-seed cakes, gingerbreads, layered cakes and what have you. It’s such a special time. This year, in spite of unusual and difficult circumstances, we can still feel the magic. The bustle and zeal, the smell of gingerbread, chocolate and Christmas trees, and – what’s most important – the moments spent with the loved ones.

If you’re looking for a new way to add a festive touch to your baking check out our chocolate Christmas decorations. There’s something for everyone: from classic and elegant poinsettias, holly leaves, Christmas trees and filigrees, to modern three-dimensional balls, funny reindeers, snowmen and trees. These products will help you create a sweet magic of Christmas time. See the full range of our Christmas decorations:

Use Barima Artisanal materials to produce superb cakes, tarts, pralines, mono-portion desserts and layered cakes. Our offerings include genuine chocolate based on Belgian recipes, nut components and 100% nut pastes, crunchy additions, such as crocants or crispy flakes, natural fruit pastes, marzipan or candied orange slices. These products are indispensable in this special time:

This year provides a good opportunity to exploit the increasingly popular concept of mono-portion desserts: easy to serve, subtle and pleasing to the eye. Or you could try a novel approach to classic layered cakes, keeping in mind that besides striking looks, it is still quality, flavour and drawing on the tradition that are essential.

We’ve got a bonus for you!

Inspirational recipes for marvellous Christmas baking.

Santa’s Cap recipe:,santa-claus-hat,471.html Merry, colourful and looking so delicious that nobody could resist taking a nibble. Inside you will find classic nut, orange and chocolate flavours under a delicate snowy-white cap made of mascarpone cream.

Christmas Wreath recipe:,christmas-wreath,468.html

A classic layered cake in a modern incarnation of a Christmas garland finished with velvet coating and topped with beautiful chocolate decorations. Inside you will find roasted white chocolate, marzipan, mocha, hazel nuts and red fruit. A surprising appearance and delightful taste – you must try it!

Dear Customers and Friends, we wish you a sweet Christmas in a warm family atmosphere!

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