Valentine Choco Craze

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

There’s a good reason to the saying that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But will a dessert be enough to make them fall in love? Well, it won’t do any harm for sure. And it’s got to be with chocolate – a famous aphrodisiac known for centuries. Chocolate contains large quantities of b-phenylethylamine (PEA), a hormone-like substance called ‘the Love Molecule’. This will surely fire up the senses at a Valentine’s date.

So, what makes Valentine’s Day a perfect occasion for sweet baking? On this day couples in love celebrate their holiday all over the world. They go for romantic walks, exchange gifts and declare love to each other. Sweet cakes and pastries, beautifully decorated with chocolate hearts, can help them express so much without words. Lots of people will certainly go for this, so it’s an ideal opportunity for confectioners to display tempting Valentine cakes and desserts in their shop windows.

Which desserts are the most popular around Valentine’s Day? Mono-portions, heart-shaped cakes, tortes, as well as oblong forms, such as rolls and log cakes (bûches), are still fashionable. Finished in the colours of love: various shades of red and pink. Best with a variety of textures: velvet coats, glazing or icing. And decorated with Barbara Decor Love Collection decorations. There you’ll find products that will add a loving touch to your baking: tiny hearts, 3D hearts in various colours, #love, You and Me, rose petals, red cones, pink balls and many more. See for yourselves:

In January at our Inspiration Academy of Skills we held an online Valentine’s training, led by our pastry chefs who created marvellous desserts. So, if you’re looking for interesting recipes that will surprise you with novel flavour combinations, want to make your Valentine’s offerings more attractive or simply wish to stun your loved one – we’ve got a few ideas for you.

Check out our recipes for the Holiday of Love:

Recipe NO 1:
Valentine Hearts – mono-portion desserts with an unconventional combination of raspberry, hibiscus and cheesecake flavours! Decorated with the You and Me chocolate set.


Recipe NO 2:
Valentine Prosecco Mousse – a classic already, but who doesn’t like white chocolate, backed by prosecco and strawberries? Now with a bit of twist in the form of an amazing Balsamic vinegar flavour note.

We wish you a wonderful choco craze for the coming Valentine’s Day!

Lots of love and…  more chocolate!

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