Chocolate Easter -Traditional baking in a new incarnation

Published by: Paulina Borowicz in Inne

Easter marks the end of the forty-day Lent. As a prize for the fasting and sacrifices, there is a multitude of  cakes, pastries and other sweets: traditional Easter bread – babkas and babas, a variety of cheesecakes, paschas, crusty mazureks, fruit cakes, tree cakes, tortes and many more. Cakes coated with chocolate and decorated with beautiful chocolate decorations embellish our Easter tables, delight with their appearance, let us enjoy lovely flavours and brighten up our family gatherings. Obviously, this is a very busy time for the confectionery trade. The workshops are running at full steam long before Easter comes.

Eggs are an inherent component of Easter. They stand for fertility and spring. Chocolate Easter eggs first appeared at the end of the 19th century. Now, they often delight our eyes with the design and form in sweet shops. Easter eggs can be a decorative element, a sweet dessert or a gift. The Easter Egg Hunt is a popular seasonal game. Chocolate eggs are hidden around the house and in the garden and children have to find them.

Every year, at our Academy of Skills “Inspiration” our Pastry Chefs create imaginative desserts with chocolate eggs as a theme. You will find the effects of this year’s work below: a chocolate egg, finely entwined with chocolate flowers.

The traditional baba, a yeast cake with plenty of eggs and enrobed with chocolate, is the queen of Easter sweets. Everyone has their own secret recipe and ideas for decoration. Our range of Barbara Decor Easter chocolate decorations will let you dress the baba up beautifully. Oh yes, the name is no coincidence. The cake can be as fussy and sensitive as a woman, and just like one it loves dressing up.

The most traditional Easter cake in Poland is mazurek. No Easter table is fully set without one. Usually, two different kinds of dough are used to make it, so it is a combination of butter or nut (almond) sponge cake and shortcrust pastry. It is filled with nut, kajmak, chocolate or fruit paste, or fruit preserve. Mazureks can be square, round or egg-shaped. They are always beautifully decorated with nuts, fruit and chocolate decorations. The humble flat cake can be really enchanting. Surprisingly, the original idea is likely to have come from the East and the recipe was introduced to Poland by Turks in the 17th century. Just like its predecessor, the baklava.

Let us introduce our variation on the mazurek theme in a completely new, unique incarnation. With a crusty almond cake base, praline paste based on white chocolate, crisps and nut pastes with added kajmak,  embellished with chocolate decorations designed especially for Easter.

Another classic piece of baking that must be on an Easter table is the pascha. It came to Poland from the Eastern borderlands and its origins are claimed by Jewish, Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. In either case, it was always prepared for Easter and traditionally made from quark, milk, sour cream, butter, eggs, with addition of vanilla, nuts and dried fruit. The name refers to the Resurrection Sunday.

Our Pastry Chef came up with an exceptional recipe for the pascha cake in the form of mono-portion eggs. Beautifully finished and decorated with Easter chicks and roosters, its heart is velvet-smooth orange cremeux, surrounded by traditional quark mass and served on a crispy vanilla biscuit.,easter-paskha,477.htmll
For the gourmets who appreciate innovative propositions, we have an Easter Torte recipe with a dash of elegance and abundance of refined flavour. The recipe is based on carrot sponge cake, yoghurt cream, fluffy white chocolate mousse and refreshing apricot and sea buckthorn.
And a bit more inspiration for the food service: Sweet Little Easter Garden, where real chocolate flowers bloom! It is a very special plate dessert, offering lovely flavours, different textures and interesting composition. Crispy crumble, velvety cremeux, refreshing mint and real chocolate!,sweet-easter-garden,491.html

Dear All,

We wish you healthy, colourful, chocolate and familial Easter!

Your Barbara Luijckx Team



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