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We love what we do, providing our customers with high and stable quality chocolate products for two generations

The production of chocolate decorations, semi-finished products, and accessories has been our mission since 1991, and we have always prided ourselves in our unwavering passion. As a family business, we are extremely motivated to ensure sustainable growth and development because we genuinely love what we do. We strive to uphold self-established values regarding quality stand-ards and customer service. Our extensive product assortment consists of brands available for con-fectionery, food service and industrial professionals in Poland and more than 50 countries world-wide.


We utilize advanced expertise and state-of-the-art production methods to craft unique and innovative designs for chocolate decorations.

Barbara Decor is the core brand of chocolate decorations – a true heart of our company. It is the culmination of our ongoing efforts in mastering the art of decorative confectionery. Our aim is to promote the latest confectionery trends while drawing on the rich traditions of craftsmanship. By harmoniously blending these two elements, we strive to provide industry professionals with innovative chocolate decorations and unique designs.
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We continuously expand our offer and fulfil custom projects and requests. We are flexible and respond promptly to meet the needs of our customers.

We are dedicated to always meet the evolving needs of our customers, so we consistently expand our selection of brands and product lines. Barima Artisanal - a brand of Belgian quality choco-lates and other raw materials dedicated to professionals in the confectionery and catering industry, is an exemplary result of our passion, experience, and knowledge.

In order to cater to the expectations and needs of industrial manufacturers, we have created the Barbara Luijckx For Industry brand, which consists of decorations and chocolate accessories, and includes thermostable products. These products are primarily intended for the producers of cookies, ice cream, desserts, and other industrial or semi-industrial goods.

We prioritize operational flexibility, which allows us to promptly respond to specific custom re-quests, and craft personalized chocolate decorations as well as products for private label brands.


We continuously expand our knowledge and strive to foster a creative and inspiring envi-ronment where professionals can benefit from our expertise and rely on our support in their daily work

The Academy of Skills - Inspiration is a crucial part of our company, where industry experts conduct workshops to showcase their mastery in the world of chocolate decorations. This is where we offer guidance on developing recipes that combine innovative flavours and elegant designs in order to satisfy your customers. Additionally, we offer an on-site training programme where we visit your workshops and production plants and help implement new recipes based on the local production conditions.
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We strive to uphold the principles of professional ethics, and build reliable, lasting relationships with our clients and employees. Loyalty and cooperation lead to mutual sustainable development.

By carrying out our mission of creating beautiful chocolate decorations and excellent flavour compositions,we want to become a part of what you create. We aspire to be an active participant in your successful journey by providing a stable and varied selection of products, and secure conditions for cooperation, and are committed to supporting you every step of the way with inspiration, aesthetic, and truly flavourful experiences.

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Forbes Award Effective firm 2022 A diamond of the Polish economy 2022 Business Gazelle

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