In 2007, Barbara Luijckx created the Barima Artisanal label as a response to the growing market interest in the chocolate products’ premium segment. The portfolio of Barima Artisanal products comprises the following:

  • Chocolates,

  • Nut products,

  • Marzipan,

  • Sugar paste/fondants,

  • A selection of food colours.
  • Considering the industry’s demand for high-quality raw materials, we have been promoting original Belgian chocolate under the Barima Artisanal label. Its handy packaging and the practical form of its small pastilles help professionals to explore both elementary and advanced chocolate-working techniques in a comfortable manner.

    A wide range of nut products containing 50% or 100% paste made of various kinds of nuts are another example of the high-quality products in the Barima Artisanal line. Their quality is guaranteed by the geographical origin of the nuts used, as well as artisanal production methods.

    The marzipan, marzipan and sugar pastes and fondants are also characterised by a dependable quality. Their super fine texture, plasticity, natural bouquet of flavours and convenient packaging ensure the desired results in craft processing.

    Barima Artisanal Color is a rich selection of food colours and sprays, whose comfortable application methods guarantee remarkable effects.
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