Coloring & Food Sprays

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The Barima Artisanal offer includes a wide range of food dyes and gels that allow for a unique finish and protection of created cakes, desserts, tarts or monoportions. This includes:

VELLY SPRAY LA NATURA - Flavoured velvet, based on vegetable concentrate and cocoa butter. Does not contain artificial colours. It does not require heating.

GLITTER POWDER – Brings a metallic shine effect. Can be used on all kinds of cakes surfaces e.g. chocolate or marzipan.

CHOCO LAC - To be used on the surfaces of sugar paste, marzipan, modeling chocolate and chocolate showpieces. Bringing a mirror shine effect.

SPRAY GEL - Ideal for protecting and bringing shine to fresh fruits compositions on the cakes and desserts.

LIQUID FOOD COLOURANTS - For colouring chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar paste, marzipan, modeling chocolate, coatings, custard cream, sponge cake and dough.

CHOCO COOL – helps in quick cooling of chocolate while sticking the parts of chocolate showpieces.

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