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Nut products


Natural pastes made completely from nuts. Their ingredients are selected from the best ripe nuts grown in orchards with optimal climate conditions, found in the Mediterranean and Arabian Peninsula regions, where appropriate cultivation, harvesting, storage and processing methods preserve natural essential oils in the nuts. A strict selection process and a precise technique of roasting enable the production of pastes with excellent, smooth texture, intense colour, aroma, and a balanced taste.

TIP: Nut pastes make perfect additives for chocolate, creams, ice cream, ganaches, fillings and sauces.


Natural, silky smooth and ready to use praline pastes. Crafted with artisanal methods according to traditional recipes, the pastes are based on particularly selected nuts, striking a balance between rich intense aroma, and refined subtle taste. The praline pastes offer unlimited possibilities for creating nut flavour compositions in praline fillings, ganaches, creams, mousses, ice cream and desserts. Their high nut content (60%) and various packaging sizes enable effective and economical solutions in the production of confectioneries.

TIP: Use cocoa butter or chocolate to stabilize praline pastes. Combine the paste with crispy flakes to get crunchy filling.


Grown in the Middle East, carefully selected pistachio nuts are distinguished by their natural light green colour. Traditional cultivation and harvesting methods and an optimal climate for growth assure the highest quality of the nuts. Vacuum packing ensures microbiological safety of the pistachios and a long – lasting fresh taste.

TIP: Pistachios are exceptionally impressive as a decoration on cakes and desserts, adding a posh touch to the final products.


Truly nutty crocants containing as much as 50% caramel coated crushed roasted nuts with excellent crunchiness. Vacuum packing ensures their microbiological safety and a long – lasting fresh taste.

TIP: The crocants are recommended as an extra ingredient with a great texture for fillings, ganaches, ice cream, mousses and creams. They can also be used for decorating pralines, chocolate bars, cakes, cookies, ice cream and desserts. Crocants are suitable for baking application in cakes and sponge cakes, both in the dough and as a topping.

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