The range of Barima Artisanal nut products includes nut pastes, praline pastes, almond, peanut, and hazelnut crocants and roasted pistachio.

NUT PASTES - Natural products containing 100% nuts. The nuts used in the production of the paste come from regions with optimal climat for their growth. These are the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and Sicily. The careful selection of nut raw materials, perfect climate for their growth and above all the appropriate method of roasting, have created a product with excellent consistency, intense colour, rich aroma, and balanced taste.

PRALINE PASTES - Natural, ready-to-use praline pastes. Manufactured with an artisanal method according to traditional recipes of European confectionery masters. Made of selected, various nuts, they open up possibilities to create rich flavour compositions. The high content of nuts and various packaging sizes allow to effective and economical solutions in production.


  • Use as a ready-made filling for pralines and as an ingredient of ganache, creams and chocolate mousses
  • Ideal as an addition to desserts
  • Pastes perfectly match with Barima Artisanal chocolate
  • Delicious in combination with Royal crispy flakes

ROASTED PISTACHIO - unsalted, made of carefully selected pistachios from Iran. Perfect for decorating cakes or desserts.

CROCANT - 50% nut content will enrich the decorations of desserts and cakes, the production of ice cream, cream mousses or butter creams. Vacuum packed to ensure microbiological safety.

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