Summer is not only a time for relaxation; it is also a fantastic opportunity to experiment with flavours at the restaurants you visit. As temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, we naturally gravitate towards light, refreshing flavours that invigorate and energize.

Summer desserts, beautifully presented and meticulously decorated, offer a feast for both the palate and the eyes. A well-crafted dessert should feature a variety of textures and flavours, creating a harmonious and thematic composition. The sight of appetizing layers of creams, precisely arranged fruits, and delicate chocolate decorations not only delights the taste buds but also captivates the other senses.

Inspiring Summer Desserts

We are excited to present some ideas and inspirations for summer desserts. Let the following examples serve as a source of creativity and joy for your restaurants, encouraging you to craft your own confectionery masterpieces.

We invite you to explore the world of summer flavours and shapes with our dessert suggestions, let us emphasise the beauty and uniqueness of this enchanting season.

Ready to discover interesting summer dessert recipes?

Summer strawberry dessert with mint

A strawberry dessert with mint is an ideal treat for hot days. This delightful creation features a light strawberry mousse with white chocolate, fruit sorbet, marzipan sponge cake, meringue, and a crispy crumble, all enhanced by the refreshing touch of mint. Adding a finely broken chocolate Grillage Sheet makes for a perfect decoration and provides the dessert with a satisfying crunch.

Check out the following recipe and see for yourself by clicking here.

Mimosa Paradise – a light dessert for the summer

Mimosa Paradise is a vibrant and colourful summer dessert, perfect for your culinary needs. It features an array of elements and textures, perfectly balanced with flavours of lemon, cherry, and sweet caramel. The dessert is elegantly decorated with Chocolate Uranus balls and Mimosa leaves giving it a truly stunning presentation.

You fill find recipe by clicking here.

Magic Ball – a light, summer dessert

Magic Ball is an exceptional plated dessert, presented in a glass sphere, perfect for an elegant restaurant. It features savoury edible earth, coconut purée, caramel foam, and dragon fruit, offering an exotic flavour profile beautifully complemented by earthy pistachio. The dessert is elegantly decorated with Lime Leaves and Bristle.

You fill find recipe by clicking here.

Summer desserts that will captivate everyone!

Przygotujcie się na prawdziwą ucztę dla zmysłów, która zachwyci Waszych gości i sprawi, że letnie wieczory będą jeszcze bardziej magiczne! Z nadejściem ciepłych dni otwierają się przed nami niezliczone możliwości kulinarnych eksperymentów. Cieszcie się letnią aurą i odkrywajcie nowe smaki oraz inspirujące kompozycje deserów na talerzu. Warto wykorzystać ten czas, aby podkreślić wyjątkowość każdej porcji, którą serwujecie Waszym gościom.