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Caramel Coffee cake

Light as a cloud mocha mousse made with white chocolate, velvety vanilla cremeux, caramel with an insanely semi-liquid consistency, intensely coffee-flavored cremeux, and moist marzipan-based Genoese sponge cake is a recipe for a definite mood improvement. 

Nut luxury

Nut Luxury monoportions is an elegant and refined proposition for special occasions. The original shape, dark chocolate, light mousse, hazelnuts, and gold color create a sophisticated look. The dessert is decorated with chocolate Dubai triangles with a shiny, golden print reminiscent of the wealth and modern style of extraordinary Dubai architecture.

Vegan dessert mango – matchaFiligranes Mini Cake

A richly chocolatey, vegan dessert in the form of a single portion. Prepared with cocoa mousse and nuts. The basis of this monoportion is a vegan brownie, which is complemented by caramel with passion fruit. The monoportions are decorated with Inspiration filigranes..

Tokyo Monoportions

The Tokyo Monoportions is an exquisite dessert presented in a modern, elongated form with a vibrant orange color. Finished with a cream, adorned with light pink velly spray and complemented by micro herbs. The entire composition is completed with Tokyo pick-up sticks featuring colorful abstract patterns. The combination of energetic colors and full artistic design […]






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