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Lamb Eggs

Colorful mono-portions in shape of egg covered by velly spray. Decorated with cream, fresh herbs, and chocolate decoration “Lambs”.

Easter Bunnies

Exquisite, light mono-portions in pastel colors decorated with chocolate ‘Little Bunny’. They are covered with rose velly spray. Perfect as a Easter dessert .

Easter bunnies in the garden

Three desserts in Easter colors. Decorated with cream, fresh herbs, a chocolate plaque with ‘Joyful Hallelujah’ and a set of chocolate ‘Hares’ decorations.

Happy Easter nest

Easter cake in a light, pastel color covered with a shine coating based on white chocolate Barima Artisanal. The cake design includes a chocolate ribbon and a nest made of white chocolate, decorated with two 3D ‘Happy Easter’ eggs.


A spring dessert on a plate that works great as a menu item in a restaurant. Advocaat-flavoured velvet cremeux, apples with mint in gel, crunchy nut crumble, served in an egg-shaped chocolate body and decorated with spring decorations, delights with its appearance and enchants with its taste.