Decorative buttons have been long used to embellish garments, accessories, toys and handmade products. Why not use them to decorate cakes and desserts?

Of course the buttons we use come from our Top Art collection and they are edible, sweet decoration made of top grade chocolate. We are aware that such an unusual form of decoration requires extra creative effort when composing cakes, desserts or mono-portions to go with them, but rest assured the end result will delight customers and turn their heads. Button your baking up! 

Our chocolate buttons are available in five colours: dark brown made of dark chocolate, white made of white chocolate, and yellow, pink and green made of white chocolate with food colours. In a single packaging you will find 189 buttons, so you can let your imagination run wild when decorating.

We think that sweet buttons are ideal both for crazy goodies for children and more serious desserts.    

And if you are a fan of flamboyant desserts, make creams and mousses using our original Barima chocolates and colour them up by means of high quality food dyes and sprays.