The INSPIRATION Academy of Skills is bustling with life and inspired work. In recent months, our Pastry Chefs – Ana Florencia Davila and Michał Świerad – have had their hands full with chocolate. Following the hardships of the pandemic and isolation, we were all yearning for normality. Our Academy of Skills missed you so much, despite holding all those interesting online training sessions. This makes us all the more happy to welcome you back.
‘Buffet Desserts and Sweet Tables’ – these courses were co-hosted by our special guest and a friend of the Academy, Pastry Chef Jakub Rak. Besides his enormous theoretical knowledge about confectionery trade, he has substantial hands-on experience gained working daily at the Julian Orłowski & Kazimierz Rak Cake Shop in Rzeszów. Jakub has a unique sense of taste; he does not shy away from experimental forms, shapes or colours. And he is so lovable and funny, as the course participants could see for themselves. Some really beautiful sweet tables were created during the courses.
We also provided training courses in ‘Easter Desserts: Traditional and Modern Recipes’, the highlight of which was Ana’s recipes inspired by Argentinian baking. Her own recipe for Easter babka won the hearts of many. The courses also showed how to tweak traditional cakes, pastries and desserts to give them a new and very tasty face.
The biggest hit of them all turned out to be the ‘Vegan and Gluten-free Desserts’ course that we developed to meet your new expectations. Participants in the training learned 8 exceptional recipes for vegan and gluten-free desserts. We used our chocolates, fruit and nut pastes, as well as a new plant-based gelling agent – Sanett Vege. The result was so delicious that even the strongest opponents of the vege concept ventured to try the dessert and asked for seconds!

We are now looking forward to meeting some of you at the ‘Summer Catering Desserts’ training course, for which all places have unfortunately been already booked.
Our specialist pastry chefs – especially Michał – have also given a great number of customised instructions at your shops, and we have trained our clients at our distributors’. Ana and Michał have shared their knowledge and recipes, and helped you gain more insight into chocolate working. They have travelled far and wide, tempered lots of chocolate, made countless cakes, pralines and mono-portion desserts. We are truly thankful!

Finally, yes – we are working on the autumn/winter training programme, so see you soon!