Easter is celebrated in various parts of the world in very different ways, depending on the country or even the region and its traditions. This also applies to confectionery products. As Easter is round the corner, we have got for you a few sweet recipes from all over the world, and some tips on beautiful chocolate decorations from Barbara Decor.

International Easter

It’s a matter of taste, they say. And it is especially true when it comes to the world of confectionery. Different sweets are eaten at Easter in different parts of the world. For instance, in Italy Tiramisu is made for this special occasion, accompanied by Panettone muffins. If you go to Greece to celebrate Easter, you can taste Tsoureki flavoured with orange zest.

Easter desserts are also served in South America. In Argentina, for example, a chocolate cake with a very chocolatey name – Chocotorta – is made, and a kind of sweet bread ring called Rosca de Pascua. In the coffee country, Brazil, the Easter table hosts Negra Maluca – a cake which is completely enrobed in chocolate. In Uruguay and Paraguay, on the other hand, the Easter-time cake is called Chaja, and it is decorated with pieces of meringue, peaches and some port wine.

All these cakes and recipes for many other desserts were the subject of the Easter Training Course at our Inspiration Academy of Skills. The results of the two-day training can be seen by clicking here.

Decorations for your Easter tables

There is no doubt that a layer cake is a special form of dessert. The complexity of its making puts it at the top of desserts on our festive tables. We recommend the Easter Joy Cake. Its recipe will surprise you with an interesting combination of flavours. There is a chocolate sponge cake with crunchy almond sprinkle, intense tart mango jelly, velvety cremeux with a fruity scent of spring and some delicate white chocolate mousse. It really is an amazingly delicious composition.

For the decoration, our Pastry Chefs used new Barbara Decor Easter decorations: Bunny Ears and Happy Easter logo.

You will find the recipe here.

Easter decorations for cakes

Easter holidays are inextricably associated with eggs – a symbol of new life. Barbara Decor offers a whole range of products with patterns and shapes inspired by egg and Easter symbols. One example of a dessert drawing on the theme can be the Easter chicks. It is an orange-mango cremeux with white chocolate mousse and pistachio sponge cake. Our Barbara Decor Easter Trio decorations will add some festive charm to your cakes.

Easter Nests is another suggested dessert for this special time. This recipe is for a light, springtime dessert which contains delicious and delicate vanilla pastry cream, intense lemon mousse based on white chocolate, and yeast pastry. The dessert is topped with new Barbara Decor chocolate decorations: Hollow Eggs Dots and Stripes.

You will find the recipe here.

Easter decorations for mini desserts

Decorating mini-portion desserts needs some planning in advance. Due to their size, normally no more than one or two decorations can be used. You can use a chocolate ball (for example, the Pluto Ball whose colour resembles yolk), some bunny themes (Funny Bunny or Bunny Ears), or just Hollow Eggs made of dark chocolate.

We recommend a recipe for Hollow Eggs Dark. The basis for the dessert is a cheese compound with blackcurrant jelly placed on top of a very chocolate sponge cake – the Devil’s Cake. The mini dessert is surrounded with a strip of 56% Barima Artisanal dark chocolate and covered with the cheese compound coated in light green velvet spray. We suggest topping it with Hollow Eggs with a golden ornament. These will perfectly enhance the beauty of the recipe.