If there is a single geometrical shape that reflects peace and harmony, it must be the circle. Now you can use this simple figure with universal meaning to decorate your cakes, desserts or mono-portions. Choose our white chocolate circles or the dark chocolate version to create the most beautiful confectionery art!

Get inspired by visiting our gallery and see how we used them in one of our desserts:

One packaging of chocolate circles contains as many as 60 sets, each one comprising 3 circles of different sizes: 64, 46 and 24 mm. Mix white and dark chocolate circles or combine them with other our decorations to create small works of sweet art.
Chocolate circles is a classic decorative form, so you can use it essentially in any kind of dessert or sweet goodies: from avant-garde creations to birthday or wedding party baking. You can add just as versatile chocolate filigrees, pencils in various colours and sizes, rolls or shavings in a few versions. And if you wish to get carried away by your imagination, check out the art grillage collection which will complete the simplicity of circles.