Autumn is here again. This means it’s time for delicious baking and sweets to match the colourful and magical season. We are going to take you on a tour of autumn confectionery, focusing on one of the most eagerly awaited themes – Halloween! Get ready for inspiration and recipes for goodies that will warm up your autumn, and let our chocolate pamper you. We have got a number of Barbara Decor chocolate decorations, such as leaves, pumpkins, spiders or ghosts, to give your sweet products a truly autumn-like feel.

Despite the gloomy weather, the Academy of Skills – Inspiration, is bustling with activities. We have given a series of training courses to our international and Polish customers. Exceptional autumn desserts, pralines and layered cakes were produced during the courses under the keen eye of our pastry chefs. Check out the schedule of our forthcoming training courses. You are more than welcome to join! Just click here.

This year the summer was reluctant to step down and make room for autumn. Our pastry chefs – inspired by the warm weather – have created an original recipe for a layered cake called the Chocolate Impression. It is a fusion of autumn chocolate and nut flavours and still distinctive summer aromas. The pastry case is made with hazelnuts, and the crisp filling, the mango and passion fruit cremeux, and white chocolate vanilla mousse will surely bring plenty of sensory experience. The cake is topped with dark red glazing in the colour of autumn leaves, and decorated with the elegant Rembrandt and Picasso chocolate pencils, as well as the Mini Flowers Classic. Discover this recipe by clicking here

Leaves are falling outside the window, and we’ve got the Falling Leaves plated dessert for you. Read our recipe and surprise your customers with a delicious dessert in the style of autumn. The shell is made of shortcrust pastry and pieces of fragrant pumpkin in syrup, and vanilla-rum mousse based on white chocolate will surely sweeten the mood. The dessert is topped with chocolate leaves: Mimosa Leaves Marble, and a set of Dark Leaves and White Leaves. Discover this recipe by clicking here

On All Hallows Eve, when stars twinkle in the dark sky, Witches and charmed Pumpkins will come to your table. Let your imagination run wild and prepare the Haunted Pumpkins desserts using our terribly-good recipe. The dessert comprises a crunchy pistachio pastry case, tart orange jelly and white-chocolate and quark mousse. It is coated with orange velly spray and topped with appropriate decorations: a Pumpkin, a Spider, and a Ghosts. Discover this recipe by clicking here. Discover this recipe by clicking here

In our business, autumn is the time of magical flavours, beautiful colours, fragrant seasonings and creative ideas. Halloween gives you a perfect opportunity to experiment and create new desserts to make your offerings more attractive. Let’s make this autumn sweet and full of delicious baked products and marvellous flavours!