Barbara Decor chocolate decorations are created with passion and can be used at festivities which we love celebrating with appropriate sweets. In our business such special occasions as Mother’s Day and Children’s Day are also a great opportunity to make your offer more attractive and boost sales. As the co-founder of Barbara Luijckx, Ms. Barbara Borowicz, used to say – ‘it’s the decoration that sells the cake’.

Mother’s Day and Children’s Day are celebrated all over the world, though on different dates. In Poland, we celebrate Mother’s Day on 26 May, whereas in many other countries it falls on the second Sunday of May. The International Children’s Day was established by the United Nations and is also celebrated on different dates in different places. A lot of countries celebrate it on 1 June, like it is in Poland. Other dates include e.g. 20 November, which is World Children’s Day according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Such specifically dedicated days are a time when we focus on love, respect and appreciation towards our mothers (Mother’s Day) and recognise the unquestionable joy motherhood brings us (Children’s Day). On days like these we can honour our mums and kids with an amazing experience of sweet desserts. Get ready for unforgettable moments shared together that will delight the palates.

Let us suggest a few recipes for delicious sweet treats and give you some tips on which chocolate decorations will work great on tortes, cakes and desserts you will be getting ready for these special occasions.

Take a theme cake. Your customers often decide to order a special cake for such occasions. It is the perfect way to celebrate both Mother’s and Children’s Day. Our pastry chefs prepared a recipe for Mother’s Day Cherry Cake. It comprises an almond meringue, crisp filling based on milk chocolate and hazelnut paste. Enriched with subtle cherry mousse based on Barima Dark Chocolate 56%, the combination will surprise you with its simplicity and lightness, as well as a fantastic flavour. We suggest decorating the cake with the Mama badge. Full recipe You will find here.

Cupcakes and muffins are a great option: they are small, cute and easy-to-serve desserts that will surely please both the mum and the kids. You can prepare them in various flavours: vanilla, chocolate, carrot or strawberry, and decorate them to match the theme. We recommend chocolate Dinos and Mini Flowers Color on top and dark or white bakeable drops to go inside. Check the recipe here.

Mono-portions are trendy yet simple desserts that will surprise and delight your loved ones. Our chefs prepared a recipe for I Love You Mum – a cake on a shortcrust pastry case, featuring three mousses based on white, milk, and dark chocolate. Decorated with a Mama plaque. Full recipe you will find here.

Discover our collection of special occasion decorations and choose the designs you like best!

Whatever dessert and decorations you choose, the most important is to enjoy the moments shared with your loved ones.