What are Crispy Flakes?

Crispy Flakes, originate from caramelized and crushed dried Crepe Dentelle cookies. They boast a distinct caramel-vanilla flavour and unique crunchiness. They serve as perfect complements for experimenting with flavour contrasts and textures. Their delicate flavour harmonizes perfectly with chocolate, adding both crunch and depth to pralines, cakes, and desserts. They can elevate the taste experience by introducing a completely different texture, adding a crunchy accent to the smooth interior of desserts.

Royal Crispy Flakes – crunchy filing for cakes and desserts

Our extensive selection of Barima Artisanal products includes premium ready-made Royal Crispy Flakes. These crispy cake flakes, with their beautiful golden-brown colour, offer a perfectly balanced taste. Packaged conveniently in 2 kg packs, they serve as excellent additions for making crunchy fillings when combined with water-free ingredients like chocolate, nut pastes, or praline pastes. Additionally, they serve as intriguing decorative elements, perfect for sprinkling atop or on the sides of cakes and desserts.

Recipe for perfect crispy cake filling

Here you will find a versatile recipe for crafting an amazing crispy flake filling for cakes, with a balanced texture. This recipe is aimed at inspiring experimentation with various nut paste flavours (such as pistachio, peanut, almond, or hazelnut) and the choice of your favourite Barima Artisanal chocolate (white 29%, milk 34%, or dessert 56% or 72%).

To prepare the crispy flake filling, you will need:


Melt the milk chocolate, then add the nut paste. Finally, add the crispy flakes and gently mix them in. Spread the prepared mixture onto the sponge cake or the cake base.

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Petit Fours with crispy flakes

Crispy Flakes can also be used to create delicious Royal Rocher, resembling crunchy truffles with a delightful chocolate flavour and a unique shape. The recipe is remarkably simple, requiring a combination of Barima Artisanal chocolate and crisps in a 2:1 ratio (200 grams of chocolate to 100 grams of crisps). After melting the chocolate to 32°C or using tempered chocolate, gently mix in the crisps until they are thoroughly coated. Divide the mixture into portions, shape as desired (e.g. using a spoon), and allow them to set.
For the full recipe, visit our website.

Recipe for crispy cake and dessert base

Another excellent application of crispy flakes is in making crunchy bases for cakes, pastries, or individual servings. By utilizing Royal Crispy Flakes, Barima Artisanal chocolate, 100% nut paste, and butter in slightly modified proportions we are able to achieve firmer texture.

You will need:


Melt the chocolate with butter, then add the nut paste and crisps, mixing thoroughly. Form thin bases and refrigerate to set.

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Crispy flakes for cake – a perfect addition to many baked goods

Royal Cripsy Flakesoffer a gateway to unique flavours and crunchy textures, providing endless possibilities for confectionery inspirations. Their crunchiness and distinctive caramel-vanilla taste make them ideal additions to a variety of baked goods, pralines, and desserts. Whether as exquisite fillings or perfect decorative elements, crisps accentuate the character of each baked creation. From classic cakes to sophisticated petit fours or crispy bases, crispy flakes allow for experimentation flavour taste and texture, and ensure that each bite delivers a unique confectionery experience. Unleash your creativity with crispy flakes and explore the inspiring recipes crafted with you in mind in order to create extraordinary baked delights.