Major family celebrations such as christenings, First Communion parties and weddings need a special setting. With these exceptional moments in mind, we have developed a collection of chocolate decorations for your sweet creations to emphasize the uniqueness of the occasion.

Chocolate elegance for sweet creations

We are pleased to present our new Celebrations folder in which you will find more than 50 chocolate decorations selected for such special functions as christenings, First Communion parties and weddings. The brochure also includes a variety of inspiring confectionery ideas for using chocolate decorations on important family occasions. All these creations have been made by our Pastry Chefs: Ana Florencia Davila and Michał Świerad. To find more inspirations visit our website and social media where we often share new ideas.

Chocolate decorations for a wedding party

Chocolate is the perfect medium to add elegance and sweeten up a wedding party. Everyone loves it, and its colour and flavour make it a great complement to various other decorations.

A highlight of any wedding party is when the wedding cake is revealed and shared. It will look best enrobed in white shiny glaze based on Barima Artisanal White Chocolate 29%. We recommend the Rose White Cake with a strong fruity and floral note thanks to the use of lychee and rose gel filling on a vanilla sponge cake. We suggest making three such layers, each coated in coconut mousse. The wedding cake can be decorated with handmade white chocolate roses to emphasize the special nature of the dessert.

Chocolate decorations for a christening party

Serving mono-portion desserts is becoming increasingly popular at christening parties. Combined with chocolate decorations, they can be the perfect and distinctive focal point on the table.

For oblong forms we suggest using such decorations as Pick-up Sticks White. These chocolate decorations are ideal for a christening reception and its chaste white colour scheme. We also offer Pick-up Sticks Dark with a beautiful golden pattern. You can find a recipe with them here.

Another idea is to decorate mono-portion desserts with chocolate balls which also make a beautiful garnish. The chocolate balls come in various colours and textures (e.g. the Moon is matte, and the Black Pearl Gold is shiny). Putting them on top of your mini dessert will add extra elegance to your creation.

Chocolate decorations for the First Communion

There are lots of ways to use chocolate in First Communion decorations, for example chocolate cake pops which use truffle shells. They are easy to make and can be easily adapted to suit the style of your celebration.

To The spirit of the First Communion will certainly be invoked by coating the cake pops in Barima Artisanal White Chocolate 29%. You can decorate the cake pops with rose petals, white pearls, tiny crystals or other treats that match the theme.

There are no limits

Summing up, chocolate decorations at wedding, christening or First Communion parties are the perfect way to combine flavour and elegance on such special occasions. Use chocolate decorations, truffle shells, ganache, glazes or icings based on chocolate. We are sure our products and your imagination will produce a perfect setting for any family celebration.

You can view the whole Celebrations folder by clicking here.