Some time ago, when Barbara Luijckx for Industry came out, we launched a couple of very interesting products we would like you to learn more about, such as this new incarnation of two types of decoration you know well. The new varieties let you rediscover and use them in a completely different, all-around way. Let us present Shavings Slim and Micro Blossoms, also available in smaller packaging offered under Barbara Decor brand.

Chocolate shavings are very popular and stylish decorative products whose key benefits are their versatility of applications and the possibility of breaking up into smaller pieces as needed. Thanks to that you can achieve the effect of handmade decoration. Shavings are perfect for decorating cakes, desserts and ice cream. Shavings Slim is a slimmer variety of our standard version. Broken up into tiny pieces, they can be used to sprinkle your truffles and chocolate bars, the sides of your cakes, or to enhance the looks and texture of your mousse, cream or ice cream. They are indispensable for the ‘Black Forest’ cake or the ‘Straciatella’ ice cream. They add an artisan touch to your desserts. Shavings Slim are available in dark, milk and white chocolate versions.

Chocolate blossoms are a must-have in any confectionery workshop because of their delicious taste and immediate availability of a wide range of sizes and colours. Blossoms make it easy to finish a cake or dessert. Added to ganache, mousse, cream or ice cream, they make the texture more interesting. Micro Blossoms – made of dark, milk or white chocolate – are offered in a minuscule size which extends the scope of their applicability. They are delicate and will add subtlety to any piece of confectionery art.
Our pastry chefs have developed a number of inspiring creations using the decorations and come up with exceptional recipes especially for you. In the summer season we highly recommend nut-flavoured artisan ice cream topped with Micro Blossoms and a dacquoise cake with chocolate mousse, light black elder flavour and peach jelly. You must try that! Discover recipes by clicking here.