Although it is the middle of summer holiday season, we have been really busy. At the moment we are putting finishing touches to the new Barbara Décor catalogue that will come out this autumn. What’s in it? Check out the July edition of So good.. Magazine to see some snippets of our new chocolate products. Being in such a prominent professional magazine creating global confectionery trends is especially important to us. The totally new, exceptional filigree decorations presented in So good.. are just the beginning. There are more surprises in store for you, so please hold on a little longer.
Developing a new catalogue of decorations is always a major undertaking. This year we have had to clear quite a hurdle: as you surely know, E171 colorant is no longer allowed in food. It was a big challenge to find a replacement for printing on chocolate, but we worked out some nonobvious solutions and achieved the desired results. You will be pleasantly surprised.

We have got our entire team involved in this key project. Before a chocolate decoration can be placed in the catalogue and on your cake it takes a long and sometimes winding road. First, we study the latest trends for the coming seasons, listen to our partner confectioners’ suggestions and consult the sales colleagues. Next, the ideas of our creative team are visualised taking into account all relevant technical aspects of production. Finally, we produce samples based on prototypes and then do trial runs on the production lines. These are followed by adjustments, corrections and discussions before the final product is displayed on cakes or desserts. We show you some applications, ideas and inspirations. This is the job of our marketing department backed up by the never-failing pastry chefs: Ana Florencia Davila and Michał Świerad. The next step is a busy series of photo shoots to produce a photo base for the catalogue and many other marketing materials. Photo sessions are usually intense and demanding, especially for those most interested. We get a lot of support at this stage from the superb confectionery chef Jakub Rak, a good friend of our company.

What else will you find in the catalogue? A whole lot of new designs for special occasions and holidays, such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween. The new decorations are produced without the banned E171 agent. There are remarkable sticks with beautiful print and… let us keep the rest a secret for now!
So, it is a challenge to get a catalogue all set for you. Graphics, photos, page layout and text positioning…, reading everything dozens of times, correcting, tweaking, proofing… But we are almost there! A few things are still left to do: the website, recipes, applications, social media, targeted advertisement, training our sales staff in the new products and preparing training materials for you. We will be ready for the autumn. Stand by.