In the world of confectionery, “ganache” is a magical term, as the taste of this creamy elixir can charm even the most demanding palates. Today, let us have a look at what ganache really means, how to obtain its perfect texture and what miracles you will be able to create with this unique recipe.

What does ganache mean?

Ganache is a combination of two basic ingredients, chocolate and whipping cream – not always in the same proportions. The velvety mass with a texture similar to thick cream serves as a perfect decoration for tortes and cakes or as a filling for pralines.

What do we use to make ganache?

The best ganache is made from high-quality chocolate (we recommend Barima Artisanal chocolate) and whipping cream with a high fat content (preferably 36%). By selecting good quality ingredients, you will give your ganache an intense flavour and smooth texture.

What can we use chocolate ganache for?

Chocolate ganache has a very versatile use in the confectionery industry. You can use it for:

  • macaroon fillings,
  • praline fillings,
  • fillings for tortes, monoportions and desserts,
  • decorating tortes and cakes,
  • filling donuts or muffins,
  • fillings for chocolate truffles.

How do we make ganache?


  • 200g Barima Artisanal dark chocolate (any)
  • 100g whipping cream 36%


  1. Heat the cream, but do not bring it to a boil,
  2. Remove from the heat and add to chocolate (HOT CREAM TO CHOCOLATE). Mix until you get a smooth texture,
  3. Set the ganache aside to cool and thicken.

How do we use ganache to make chocolate cream for a torte?

To make torte cream from ganache, add ganache to whipped cream (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND).

600g whipped cream 36%
300g chocolate ganache


  1. Make the ganache from chocolate and cream.
  2. Set aside to cool.
  3. Add the ganache to the whipped cream and mix gently.

Chocolate ganache is a key component of what makes your dessert look and taste amazing. Let these simple recipes for ganache and chocolate torte cream serve as inspiration, so you may create even more sweet masterpieces. Try it and see how your creation gains a unique taste and a level of elegance and sophistication. It is time for a confectionery adventure with ganache!