This year’s autumn is quite warm, although the sky is grey and the weather rather dreary. Shorter days and longer evenings leave less time for outdoor activities, and we might experience a drop in mood in the last weeks of the year. Incidentally, we have a solution: chocolate! Natural substances contained in chocolate stimulate the release of serotonin, aka the happiness hormone. But chocolate is also a source of vitamins A, B and E, zinc, magnesium and iron. Let’s not forget that its caffeine content boosts our energy for action.

Speaking of energy, this is what our team is surely not missing. Our Pastry Chefs – Ana and Michal – have their hands chock-a-block with chocolate. They have been giving training at restaurants and confectionery workshops all over Europe and have just come from Belgrade after a series of fantastic meetings. Locally, the Inspiration Academy of Skills is also very busy. Vegan and gluten-free food lovers have already had an opportunity to develop their skills by trying out recipes prepared by our specialists. And we had a taste of Christmas while providing training in the making of layered cakes, mono-desserts and Christmas cakes and pastries. Some of our recent visitors included customers from Romania, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus and England, who came to learn how to make delicious and beautifully-decorated sweets. Our team also took part in an exceptional event – a charity dinner Lubicz & Friends, held at the Hotel Grand Lubicz Uzdrowisko Ustka. Proceeds from the event went to help three foster families who take care of children from dysfunctional families. During the event, Ana Florencia Davila, our Pastry Chef, worked with confectioners to prepare a superb dessert called ‘Autumn on a Plate’.

Autumn is a good time for trade fairs, too. First, we exhibited at Food & Hotel Asia in Singapore. Then we went on to take part in the global confectionery industry meeting, namely SIAL in Paris. We presented our new products from Catalogue No. 6, which included Inspiration and Harmony filigrees, new Christmas decorations: Christmas Trio, Santa, Stamps and such new Art Print decorations as Pick-up Sticks (white and dark) and Savanna, Cha-cha, Twist and Tango triangles.
We also have taken part in meetings with customers at our domestic business partners. First, we visited the Polish Highlands (Podhale) to participate in the fair organised by Damix – a partner company which celebrated its 25th anniversary at that time. Our next visit was to Pyskowice in Silesia, where Polmarkus held open days.

With a busy agenda, everyone could use a relaxing evening with a cup of hot chocolate. Remember to use high-quality chocolate, such as Barima Artisanal 56% or 72%, and add some cream or milk to makes a splendid dessert for long autumn evenings. Why not add some Dreidoppel flavouring paste? How about a cup of hot Irish Cream chocolate?
If you would like to know how to prepare unfailingly tasty hot chocolate, check out our recipes by clicking below:

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