The moments before the catalog premiere were very intense for us, but in the end, with the involvement of the entire team – we are opening another season with the launch of a new Barbara Decor catalogue. Number 6 is a symbol of diligence, curiosity, stability and growth – the values that have been so close to us since we started our family business over 31 years ago.

Let us introduce more than 50 new designs of chocolate decorations divided into 19 themes and presented in an original graphic layout. We are pleased to share the outcomes of our team’s work with you. The purpose of each new Barbara Decor catalogue is to provide inspiration that will support your everyday work and help you achieve spectacular results in confectionery art.

Harmony and Inspiration are new filigranes, inspired by timeless jewellery forms and lines, traditional and classic, shaping design for centuries. These filigranes are technological accomplishment combined with a noble design. We believe they will find their way into your shops shortly.

Our new offer includes a wealth of long-awaited new Art Print designs – new printed pick-up sticks made with dark and white chocolate, new triangles Savanna and many more. In Multicolor category have a look at the funny dinosaurs. It is also impossible not to mention about Micro Blossoms and Shavings Slim – these decorations are absolutly „must have” for every confectionery atelier.

Creators of sweet buffets will surely welcome the new cup forms: CrownCaroStar and White Queen, which add finesse to sweet tables and are very practical solution for sweet buffets Designers.

The sixth edition of our catalogue also introduces a new incarnation of chocolate roses with refined shapes and colours.

We have not forgotten to expand our range of decorations for special occasions, which matter so much to you.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of chocolate working, we have developed a new range of shapes, colours and application ideas. We know you are always on the lookout for new ideas to charm your customers. So, let our three decades of experience work for you. We trust the current offer of Barbara Decor lives up to your expectations as impressive and practical solutions for the art of beautiful decoration.

We are very pleased that our catalog has received such a good reception already a month after its premiere. We were flooded with congratulations and nice words from all over the world – it is very important to us, THANK YOU!