Chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Excellent idea. A box of pralines will not only delight the palate, but it will also lift your spirits. After all, it’s no coincidence that chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac for ages. This is because of the so-called ‘love molecule’, or PEA (b-phenylethylamine).

The greatest quantity of this substance can be found in chocolate containing a lot of cocoa mass, not in any chocolate-like products. So the best choice is dark chocolate, which is much richer in cocoa mass (and thus in PEA) than milk chocolate, let alone the white one.

A sweet Valentine’s gift does not need to be just chocolate. How about a more sophisticated set of pralines, especially if they are handmade?

We strongly recommend our recipe for Lemon Pralines, where the deep flavour of Barima Artisanal chocolate is contrasted with a sour lemon bite. Complemented by honey and a natural flavour of powdered lemon zest – the dessert will surely help to find a way to the heart of the beloved one. Find the recipe here.

For the more ambitious we have a perfect recipe for the Valentine’s evening: the Open Heart, or a chocolate sponge cake with marzipan. It is based on Barima Artisanal Dark Chocolate (56%), on which a crispy layer of Barima Artisanal Royal Flakes and White Chocolate is spread. The dessert also contains lychee and hibiscus jelly and white chocolate prosecco mousse. The mono-portion is covered with Red Velly Spray and Barbara Decor Open Heart chocolate decorations. The recipe can be found here.

Love can be expressed in many ways. Use the exclusive Barbara Decor Love Collection and create a romantic style for your sweet Valentine’s.

Our chocolate decorations will help you reveal your secret affection and make the day really special.